Zoom Meeting – Sharing Content for Social Media Platforms – April 7, 2021

This photo may be used by a law firm or a lawyer to show that they provide zoom conferences and meeting to clients.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash. You may use this photo without copyright restrictions for your social media, website or print materials. If you are going to use it for print, I suggest photoshopping two images of your lawyers into the frames or an image of a lawyer and a paralegal having a discussion.

Security of a Zoom Meeting

If you are going to provide zoom meetings at your law firm, make sure the meetings are secure by setting the following protocols:

  • Allow only invited and signed in users to participate in the meeting.
  • Do not allow anyone to join the meeting before the host for the meeting has arrived.
  • Lock the meeting as soon as all participants are present.
  • Turn off participant screen sharing.
  • Create a random ID for the meeting.
  • Have a waiting room so you can screen the participants.
  • Avoid file sharing in Zoom. You may file share through an application approved by your law firm.
  • Send information to your clients and other lawyers who will be attending the meeting explaining to them what is expected of them during the meeting. Provide an explanation to your clients about the confidentiality of the online meeting and how your law firm treats online meetings.
  • Screenshot at the beginning and end of your session for your own client records.

For more information about Zoom Security Please read this article by Zoom about Zoom security

Billing a Zoom Meeting

Note: Zoom meetings may be billed as phone calls or meetings. If your law firm is billing hourly, please ensure your client and the other lawyers are aware of your law firm’s stance on Zoom billing.

If you find that your client or the other lawyers forget zoom time when it comes time to review the billing, set a visible timer so that everyone in the meeting is aware of how much time has been used and that you are documenting and recording the zoom session.

Blue Sky provides a timer on zoom that allows you to document the exact length of the zoom meeting. If necessary, screenshot the beginning and the end of each of your sessions with each client so that it becomes a standard practice for your zoom meetings.

This Screenshot may be used by law firms on social media for educational purposes. It is useful for clients to know that you are using a visual timer for your meetings on zoom.

Sharing Content for Social Media Platforms – April 6, 2021

This photo may be used by any law firm for any purpose. It was created by Dariusz-Sankowski and shared without copyright restrictions on Unsplash.

photo by Dariusz-Sankowski from Unsplash.

The image below was created and shared on the Harvard Library website. The image is used legally on this website through a weblink and it is not stored on this website.

Using an image this way has been addressed by the EU court in the case BestWater International GmbH v. Michael Mebes Stefan Potsch. If you would like to use this image, please use the link and do not download the image. You are not required to reference the website where you found the image.

Images sourced from https://guides.library.harvard.edu/law/researchstrategy