Two Images for Social Media – Meeting Reminders

Reminder for social media or emails. Let them know it is time to meet.
Keep your clients organised by setting up a challenge for them. Help them keep things organised for when you have to meet.
Remind your Clients that it is time to meet. Just Add text to this image using Image Editing Software. You have permission to use this image on social media.

2 Images of a Person on a Mobile Phone

This photo was colour edited by Ann Horstkamp and was shot by Ant Rozetsky
This photo is available for social media use only. Storey Tarris edited the image and altered it enough to create a new copyright for the photograph. Remember that you are allowed to alter photographs of Creative Commons photographs. This is not considered a creative commons photograph. The original photograph was by Arthur Osipyan.

Two Office Friendly Images Using a Clip

Today is Friday and I decided to spend the morning working in photoshop adding filters and deleting elements. Here are two images collaged together and then filtered. You may use either one on social media or on your blog.

Photo taken and edited by Storey Tarris for
Photo taken and edited by Storey Tarris for