Men Outdoors – photographs to use for Social Media

The following two photographs are perfect to share with information about your firm or company.

The first photo below works with text on the bottom third or to the left. It would also work with a text box to the right since the men in the photograph are walking in that direction.

The photo was created by Kayle Kaupanger and edited by Ann Horstkamp. The image is available for use without copyright restrictions.

The example below may be used on a blog, newsletter or email message reminding staff to wear masks.

Don’t forget to wear masks when you go to visit clients.

This image was created by Lex Sirikiat and colour edited by Ann Horstkamp. The photo is available without copyright restrictions.

The photo above of five men walking through a plaza could be used for various articles that need a business focused photo. For today, let’s use the photo with a post sharing the covid-19 article “walking for lunch creates a better work day.”

For your company, you could share the article with the photograph above with a brief summary referring to the original article. or you can write an article so that the link goes to your blog and not to the University.

Remember that your social media feed is to help inform your clients, your staff and the public. Don’t be afraid to share valid information that fits with the values of your company. Make sure that your social media efforts are bringing clients to your website.

Social Media Tip

Write a blog article on a topic that fits with your company and use one of the images above.

If you are a content friendly company, you may have a corporate blog per department where the article could be written but for SEO purposes, a department blog would have to be on the internet to help with marketing.

If your corporate culture is more restrained, you may have intranet blogs created for each department that are shared with co-workers and then feed into a metablog curated by an editor.

If you decide to follow this strategy, set the ground rules for each blog, create a corporate style to be followed by each department and set up a schedule for posting content and data.

Internet blogs can be setup on subdomains or using a new name that has been approved by your company. If you decide to create a blog with a new name state on the blog that it belongs to the company so that the blog does not mislead readers. Makes it easy for your staff to share content with their clients and to help your company maintain their internet presence.

By having more than one blog, your company expands it’s internet footprint and offers new ways to access public corporate content. Corporate blogs on the public internet allow your company to create and curate marketing material, share social media content and distribute corporate friendly information that does not get discounted by Google.

Remember - content on your blog is under your control but content on social media may be out of your control once it is published (ex twitter).

If you would like assistance writing articles, you are welcome to connect with Ann Horstkamp. We source and create weekly digital content for you to share on your blog and social media.