My team won the founder institute in Berlin with the business plan for Smeevee Рan online and in person education project for women. Founder Institute 

The project was shelved after proving concept because the Intellectual property costs required institutional participation and my business partner wanted to maintain control.

Our next project was Munich Artists. I created the brand Munich Artists while living in Munich, Germany and developed a website and art related exhibitions and events. The art group was set aside when I relocated to London for family reasons.

For the last year, I worked on an investment strategy that proved concept in October 2023. The project is female focused and incorporates education and online investing. The working name is Goes with Jeans.

  • My undergraduate education is in Art history and Political Science and my graduate education is in US law and EU law.
  • I’ve worked as an assistant professor (dozentin) and I’m a certified life coach and health coach.
  • I’ve worked as a features writer for magazines and newspapers and enjoy writing poetry and literary novellas. (Less than 50k words) Currently I’m working on a photo poetry project Salaterre.
  • If you need to contact me, you can email Storey or Ann. I do not respond to social media and do not use Facebook to interact with anyone.