January 2024 – Work Desk Reservations

I’m currently working at a shared space and enjoying the faster internet. My workweek will change in February 2024. My time in February will be divided between London and the Fire Swamp. I’m working on TrefuLondon. If you have a gallery you would like me to visit, let me know.

In phase II of GoeswithJeans, I’m working on a course for beginner investors, my blog on investment topics is located on Goeswithjeans. The wesite will have a free primer course and a longer course focused on long-term investing. The course website has been created so that Google can start finding it. I don’t have a course start date yet but it takes six months to a year for organic google ranking but plan on sometimes in 2025.

PEAPODPEN Assets – Long Term Invetments for people interested in art.